How do I purchase photography on a phone?

Tip - Photos may be ordered from a mobile device however it may be easier to view and select your photos from a laptop or desktop. For instructions to purchase using a laptop or desktop click here.

Step 1. Navigate to your dance schools page via the link provided or select your school from the list here.

Step 2. Enter the password provided by your dance school to access the photos.

Step 3. Click on the concert folder that you wish to view.

Step 4. Photo galleries are arranged by dance. Select and click on the first gallery that you wish to view/purchase from. You may view and browse the photos in the gallery. 

Tip: To return to the concert or dance school folder click the links as shown below

Step 5. To select photos from a gallery to purchase click on the buy icon as shown below.

Step 6. Select "Buy Multiple Photos" (Even if you only intend to buy a single photo)

Step 7. Select "Change Product" as shown below. Select either the downloads, paper prints or wall art category then select a product as shown below.

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Tip: If selecting downloads, you can either choose from a personal photo licence or a commercial licence. Both are provided through a download link emailed to the provided email address. The difference between personal and commercial licences can be found here.

Step 8. Select the photos from that gallery/dance that you wish to purchase. A total cost in AUD can be seen at the top of the page. When you are happy with your selections click "Add Photos to Cart"

Step 9. After seeing "Added x of x photos" you have the choice to checkout, go back to the gallery or to select more photos. If you are ready to checkout, select checkout and continue to Step 10.

Step 10. If you would like to add/select photos from other dances click return to gallery then navigate to the concert folder as shown in the tip below step 4 and continue selecting photos as described from Step 4.

Tip: If you would like to checkout at anytime you can view your cart from the top of the page by clicking as shown below.

Step 10. Review all items on the checkout page (check to make sure you haven't selected the same photo twice)

Step 11. Select "Begin Checkout" and enter shipping information as required. If prompted select the required shipping service. Select "Next: Billing Info".           

Step 12. Select or complete your billing address as required. Enter your email as required (ensure this is correct and any photo download links will be sent to this address)

Step 13. Select payment method. Either credit card (also debit card) or PayPal and enter your details.

Step 14. Select "Review Order". Review your order & ensure that all details are correct before clicking place order.

Step 15. If you have purchased photo downloads a link will be sent to your email address. Open the link in the same browser used to purchase photos to download.

Tip: If you encounter any issues when purchasing please email describing the issue and include your order number (if you have one). 

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